“Guided by the North Star: A Roadmap to Creating a Life of Purpose and Meaning"

Discover How to Find Clarity, Direction, and Purpose in Your Life’s Journey

What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can be used to promote positive changes in your life. It is a natural and safe state of heightened awareness and deep relaxation, in which the conscious mind is bypassed, and the subconscious is accessed. During hypnosis, a person is guided by a practitioner to focus on certain thoughts and behaviors, which can help with challenges like breaking bad habits, managing stress, improving self-esteem, and more.

What Hypnosis is not

There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding hypnosis. One of the most common is that it involves mind control. This is not true – hypnosis is simply a way of helping a person to focus and become more open to suggestions. Another myth is that a person can be made to do something against their will. Again, this is false – the patient is always in control and can choose to accept or reject any suggestion made to them.

It is also not true that people who are hypnotized are unaware of their surroundings – they are still aware of what is going on around them, but their focus is directed inward. Finally, it is not true that only certain people can be hypnotized – anyone can be hypnotized if they are willing to try.


Psychoanalysis (After 600 Sessions)


Behavior Modification (After 22 Sessions)

*Study by American Health Magazine


Hypnotherapy (After 6 Sessions)

Uses For Hypnotherapy

Smoking/Vaping/E-Cigarettes/Chewing Tobacco

Save thousands of dollars a year from not buying cigarettes and on medical bills and add years to your life! Smoking cessation through hypnosis is 3X more effective as a nicotine replacement (patch, etc.) and 15X more effective than willpower alone! Even a habit as challenging to break as smoking can be beaten using the power of your mind and hypnosis.

Weight Loss

As a certified personal trainer and holistic health coach, I understand the struggles so many people face when trying to lose weight. Hypnosis has a long-term and solid track record in helping people safely lose weight. “Studies show that those who used hypnotherapy lost more than twice as much weight as those who dieted without it. Long term, those who used hypnotherapy were able to keep the weight off and improve their eating and exercise habits”




Low self-esteem

Fears and phobias

Exercise motivation

Career success

Public speaking

Phone & Social Media Addiction

Pain management


Emotional healing

Sports performance

Anger management


Teen girls and self-esteem




Bad habits

Business/professional growth

Social anxiety


Exam anxiety


& Many More

Why Northstar?

For thousands of years, the Northstar has been a guiding light for navigators and travelers, letting them sail the seas and cross wilderness without getting lost. It has served as a beacon of hope and inspiration for many, providing direction and helping people stay on their course. The Northstar gives you direction in life. As we look within ourselves, we can discover and develop the gifts that we already have, letting us achieve our full potential. Let me be your Northstar to guide your journey and healing ahead until you become your own Northstar.


Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy and is not a substitute for professional medical care. I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist. Hypnosis is not a treatment or a cure for mental illness and those suffering from psychosis, suicidal depression, or that are on medications for such should seek the help of a medical doctor. In certain circumstances, I will require a referral from your current doctor or therapist.

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