Heartbreak affects everyone at some point in their life. The ending of a marriage or relationship can be extremely difficult, affecting you mentally and even physically. Even an amicable split still means the end of a major part of your life. The breakup can leave you with feelings of grief from the loss of this partner and that chapter of your life. According to a study published in The Journal of Positive Psychology, it takes around 11 weeks before we start to feel better after a relationship ends. Another study put that figure at closer to 1.5 years following a divorce. While it is important to grieve the loss, it often takes over your mind and your life for way too long. Why suffer this long and this deeply when there is a way to heal quicker and move on with your life?

Hypnotherapy can help you find the closure you need and help you to move forward and be happy without the relationship. It helps you to break through the cycle of grief and loss that takes over your every thought. Hypnotherapy helps you to reframe negative thoughts, memories, and behaviors and see your breakup in a new, more positive light. It can help you to picture a more positive future without your ex, to help you to detach from the negative feelings, the shock, the sadness, the trauma, the betrayal, the rejection, and the anger, or to feel more comfortable and confident in yourself and your ability to be strong, happy, and fulfilled. While you may still feel a bit of sadness at the moment, hypnotherapy helps you to create a new, clearer path forward.

The process of healing can be very slow and painful. But since hypnotherapy works directly on the brain, it can minimize dopamine production, reroute your actions and thoughts, and quickly bring the part of your brain on board that focuses on your new, positive life. It puts your conscious and subconscious mind on the same path. Hypnotherapy is so successful because you are healing at the subconscious level, making real changes in your brain and helping to close the emotional wound left behind.

Hypnotherapy will not erase your memories of the relationship or breakup. The memories will remain with you. What hypnotherapy will do is to help you disconnect from the strong emotions and deal with those memories, so they are no longer so painful.

I read this quote in an article recently about hypnotherapy and it really stuck with me: “You are the author of your story, no one else. By understanding this fact, you become the master of your life. Create a happy ending for yourself.”

Problems are not the problem. It’s your reaction to the problem that is the problem. And your reactions are what hypnotherapy changes, deep in your subconscious mind.